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Dec 22, 2020

Happy Holidays! On this special episode of B-T-YES!, we depart from our normal format to throw a (virtual) Christmas party! Join us for some holiday-themed activities and discussions, like our holiday traditions, what we'd get BTS for Christmas, and which songs would make the best holiday remixes for a future BTS Christmas album. 

About B-T-YES!

(Get it? The pun? Instead of B-T-S, it’s B-T-YES!) Love the music group BTS? You're not alone! We're Molly and Erika, BTS BFFs, and B-T-YES! is our podcast about BTS (방탄소년단). Listen along to a range of conversations -- from funny to heartfelt to poignant -- all about Bangtan Sonyeondan. 💜

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Show Notes:

  • We recommend you watch  the "Christmas Party" episode from The Office from Season 2 (Episode 10) for a great example of Secret Santa and White Elephant (Yankee Swap) but if you can't watch the full episode, this clip gives a little insight into these common American Christmas traditions.