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Jul 7, 2019

In this episode of B-T-YES!, we talk about BTS' new song and music video, "Lights." We also finally do our in-depth discussion about our experiences at the Love Yourself, Speak Yourself Stadium Tour (the U.S. dates). We cover everything from our travels for the concert, to meeting the giveaway winners, to our favorite parts of the shows we saw.

  • Skip to: 00:01:42 to hear our discussion about "Lights"
  • Skip to: 00:20:04 to hear our discussion about the entire Speak Yourself Tour experience (including travel, the cities, the stadiums)
  • Skip to: 00:53:15 to hear our discussion about the actual concerts


B-T-YES (Get it? The pun? Instead of B-T-S, it’s B-T-YES!) is a fan podcast covering news, performances, and more, dedicated to the breakout music group, BTS. (Only the best group in the world!)

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