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Oct 5, 2019

We're FINALLY back from our hiatus! And guess what? Molly has moved to Korea! In this episode of BTYES, we discuss her move and what she's been up to ever since. We also talk about the Line Friends stores in the US and Korea, BTS' presence in Korea vs. the US, BTS during their big break, Jungkook's hair, and so much more. Thanks for being patient with us as Molly's getting settled into a new job and as we navigate technical issues with our website.


Due to technical problems with our website, links to show notes for this episode and any episode before this have been removed. 


B-T-YES (Get it? The pun? Instead of B-T-S, it’s B-T-YES!) is a fan podcast covering news, performances, and more, dedicated to the breakout music group, BTS. (Only the best group in the world!)

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